SIC Sounds






Simple….Intelligent….Creative. This is the best way to describe us. Since 2010, we’ve keep it SIMPLE by providing a service that is not complicated but easy to understand. We focus on creating not just moments, but memories. In other words, we are SIMPLY the best!

Our INTELLIGENCE is reflected in our vast music knowledge. We are students of music. It’s our passion, our muse, our love. You can be confident that we will always find the perfect song for every occasion.

Our CREATIVE touch is seen as we create a unique experience ever time we DJ. Just as no work of art can be fully duplicated, each event should reflect you. Your event is a work of art that we will craft to precision. 

We understand the importance that music has on an event. So we promise to make your event SIC!

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michael l.

Allow me to introduce name is Mike Les or DJ Sic Boy!! I started SIC Sounds but would be nowhere without my team. I've been DJing professionally for 8 years, from wedding receptions, graduation parties, anniversary parties, and even at small lounges and restaurants. I started because I wanted to share my passion for music. For every moment in life there is an appropriate song, and my mission is to capture that moment. I love seeing the expressions on the crowd’s faces when they hear a song that takes them back to a golden time in their lives. I just want to thank everyone for your support and let's keep dancing!!!



I'm Raphael, or better known to the music world as DJ Audiio Kidd. I was born & raised in Flint, MI and I started DJing in 2012. Since then I have had the opportunity to play at different events ranging from weddings to dinner parties to basketball tournaments. The reason I DJ is, not to only get people on the dance floor, but to create life long memories from the experience that is music. I treat every event as a chance to help you forget about the everyday struggles of life. The time I've spent DJing has been amazing and something I could have never imagined. I can't wait to share this musical journey with you on the next dance floor!



Who ME? Yea, my name is Arthur, also known as DJ Kingg Art. It’s been a pleasure being the 3rd DJ of Sic Sounds, and they have welcomed me with open arms. Since 2016 I have DJ’d graduation open houses, wedding receptions, and other events. I have always had a real love for music since I was a kid. Sometimes when you don’t know how to describe your feeling, music does it for you. Music also creates moments, so when you hear that song again 10 years down the line, those memories restore! This is your Freshman DJ, so be on the lookout for da buzz!